Majud and Curnsbick Metalwork, Hinges, Nails, Tools, Wagon Fixings, High-Quality Smithing of All Varieties

–Sign over Abram Majud's business, Red Country

Abram Majud is a metalworker travelling across the Far Country to setup a new business, with his partner Curnsbick, who is has a heart of iron in business.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Majud is tall, sinewy Kantic man, with a fine-shaped skull bald as an egg, dark slanted eyes, and golden front tooth. According to Shy South, he’s a little on the stingy side, but he displayed much good humour, and is basically a good man.

History Edit

Majud is from the Gurkish Empire, and long ago served in the Gurkish army, having receives a sword from General Malzagurt as thanks for saving his life. He has since made a partnership with a man named Honrig Curnsbick from Keln, the inventor of the patent portable forge.

Red Country Edit

Majud forms a Fellowship to travel to Crease, and hires the famed frontiersman Dab Sweet to guide them. In Crease, he intends to founding a metalwork business, and hopefully staking iron and copper mining claims in the mountains. Each passenger must pay one hundred and fifty marks to join the Fellowship.

One day, Sweet returns from scouting with Shy South, Lamb, and Leef. Sweet wants them to join the Fellowship for free, as extra fighters, as the cross into the Ghost-ridden and dangerous plains. After a tense negotiation, Majud eventually agrees, blaming his reluctance on his partner Curnsbick, who has a heart of iron where business is concerned.

Later, Shy fishes up Temple from a river they cross. Majud will only let Temple into the Fellowship if he pays, again blaming Curnsbick’s heart of iron. So Shy is helps Temple, but is very specific about the amount he owes, and scorns Temple mercilessly.

On the plains, a tribe of Ghosts attack the Fellowship. They are sorely pressed, but despite losses, they drive the attackers away. Majud is injured in the leg, so sends Shy to the truce talks, since she has proved herself an expert at haggling. Thanks to Shy, Sangeed eventually agrees a price less than half his original demand, in money and cattle. Then, Lamb slowly stands, saying “I’ve a better offer”. He kills all the Ghosts, leaving only one alive to take a message back to the war-band. The next day the Ghosts are gone.

Arriving in Crease, Majud hires Temple to build him a residence and workshop, on the plot he has bought, for Majud and Curnsbick’s Metalwork. Temple proves himself to be an excellent architect and carpenter, and the building proves to be one of the finest in Crease. As the building nears completion, Honrig Curnsbick introduces himself to Temple. Curnsbick proves to be a ruthlessly pleasant and generous man, giving Temple a bonus, and describes Majud as having a heart of iron where business is concerned.

Always with an eye for profit, Majud accompanies Shy, Lamb, Cosca and his mercenaries as far as Beacon, to repair weapon and armour with his portable forge. Eventually, Shy and Lamb return from the Dragon People with the children. On the way back to Crease, Lamb, Shy and Sweet decides to go back and rescue Savian in Beacon, who Cosca claims is the rebel leader Conthus. Majud is left to take Pit and Ro back to Crease.

In the end, Majud and Curnsbrick construct an ever growing manufactory in the town, to refine the coal that's been found in the mountains around Crease. They own almost half of the town, and Majud travels to Adua to cement a deal with the Union.