Who’s going to look after the past, when I’mgone?

–Adeptus Historical, The Blade Itself

The unnamed Adeptus Historical is a scholar of the University in Adua. As his title suggests, he studies the history of the world, as well as looking after the library.


The Adeptus Historical is a very elderly man, with wrinkly, sagging, half transparent skin. Long but sparse hair grows haphazardly on his head, and his thin eyebrows are notably long. He has lost all his teeth and much of his hearing. He keeps a large black crow, which he's in the habit of talking to[1].


The Blade ItselfEdit

Inquisitor Glokta first meets the Adepti when he goes to the University seeking a mundane explanation for the explosion in Bayaz’ chambers. When Adeptus Saurizin can't product any meaningful results, Glokta turns to the Adeptus Historical to learn more about Bayaz himself. The Adeptus Historical is something of a relic himself, ignored by the other Adepti (Silber, Saurizin, Denka, Kandelau and Chayle).

The Adeptus knows quite a bit about Bayaz, and rambles on about Bayaz’ role in the founding of The Union, involvement in the fall of Kanedias, and The Seed. Glokta’s attention is draw to one fact; the First of the Magi has the only key to the House of the Maker. Glokta leaves the University satisfied, with the kernel of a plan to discredit Bayaz[1].

Last Argument of KingsEdit

Glokta goes to see the Adeptus Historical again to learn more about The Seed. The scholar knows very little, chalking it up to a metaphor or a rock that fell out of the sky. He admits he’s no expert, but there were once many books in the library from that era, but cryptically says they were taken some years ago by someone Glokta knows well. Before Glokta can learn who, they are interrupted by the University Administrator, and Superior Goyle, who order Glokta to leave and not come back.


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