Here, every man worships himself.

Bayaz, The Blade Itself.

Adua is the capital of The Union, located on the large island of Midderland in the centre of the Circle of the World. It is a massive coastal city and major port on a wide blue bay, but rather dirty and stinking compared to other cities. Home to both the very rich and terribly poor, Adua is extremely populous, the second largest city in the world after Shaffa. The poets call her the city of white towers.

Origin Edit

In the Old Time, after Euz vanquished the Demons and closed the gates to The Other Side, his second son Kanedias made his home in what would become Adua. There he built the House of the Maker. At that time, Adua was barely more than a huddle of shacks, squeezed in round the House. Later, The Order of Magi made war on Kanedias, holding him responsible for the death of their master and his brother Juvens. In the aftermath, Kanedias was dead.

Some six-hundred years ago, Harod was the ruler of one of Midderland’s many petty kingdoms, often at war with one another. Harod agreed to accept the advice of the Magus Bayaz, who became his most trusted counsellor. In time Midderland was unified, and Harod became its first High King of the Union. Bayaz convinced him to make his capital in Adua.

The CityEdit

The city is divided into three major parts:

  • The Agriont, the palace and seat of government
  • The Inner City, surrounded by the towering Arnault’s Wall named after former High King Arnault
  • The Outer City, surrounded by Casamir’s Wall named after former High King Casamir

The AgriontEdit

The Agriont is the heart of the city, the city within the city; fortress, palace, barracks, seat of government. It contains several places of interest.

The Palace Edit

The palace is the grand residence of His August Majesty the High King of the Union, the royal family, and their court. It is a confusion of roofs, towers, sculptures, and ornamental stonework.

The Kingsway Edit

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The Kingsway.

The Kingsway is a long avenue that runs through the Agriont starting at the Square of Marshals. On one side are the huge stone effigies of six hundred years of High Kings, and on the other the statues of their loyal retainers, slightly smaller. The first of these statues represent Harod the Great and Bayaz.

The Square of Marshals Edit

The Square of Marshals is a large open plaza at the head of the Kingsway. Around the edges of the wide public space are high wall, as well as the Halls Martial, the Lord's Round, and the Tower of Chains. Once a year, it hosts the national fencing competition, The Contest.

The Halls Martial Edit

The Halls Martial is the headquarters of the Union army. It is surrounded by high walls. It contains barracks and armouries, and the offices of the Lord Marshals.

The Lord's RoundEdit

The great bronze dome of the Lord's Round can be found at one corner of the Square of Marshals. This building hosts the regular assembly of the Open Council. It is a big building, designed like a theater with rows of benches in a half-circle. Where the stage would be is a dais with a high table, where the High King and the Lord Chamberlain hold the council. The most important nobles have seats nearest to the stage area, and lesser nobles further back. Higher up, there is a public gallery for other attendees. During the assembly, ranks of soldiers in full armor line the curved walls.

The Tower of Chains Edit

The Tower of Chains is one of the tallest buildings in the Agriont. It's spiral staircase features 291 steps in all, and at the top is a parapet which grants an excellent view of the city. It contains a number of lavish suites of rooms, for most honoured of guests, the most important of foreign dignitaries; Logen, Bayaz and Quai stay in the tower when they arrived in Adua.

The House of QuestionsEdit


House of Questions, seat of the Inquisition.

The House of Questions is the headquarters of The King's Inquisition. It is a massive building within the Agriont. Above ground are offices, including lavish chambers of the Arch Lector and Superior of Adua. Below ground are a labyrinth of cells and interrogation rooms.

The House of the MakerEdit

The House of the Maker is the oldest building in the Agriont. It is a huge structure, possibly the highest building in the city. There is a brutal honesty in its shape. No softness, no indulgence in the mountain of naked stone. A merciless precision in its sharp, black angles.The tower has no windows, and only one entrance through the University, that has been locked for as long as anyone can remember.

The UniversityEdit

The University is one of the oldest buildings in the Agriont, but now in a terrible state of disrepair, with tall crumbling spires, roofs on the verge of collapse, and outer walls covered in ivy. It stands in the shadow of the House of the Maker.

The Inner City Edit

The central inner city is surrounded by the towering Arnault’s Wall, named after former High King Arnault. It contains the oldest and most crucial parts of the city, including the Agriont.

The Middleway runs straight through the inner city, from the Agriont to the sprawling main docks. It has some of the most fashionable addresses in the whole city, including the great market square of the Four Corners, the ostentatious Guildhall of the Guild of Mercers, and the famed dentist practice of Master Farrad.

The Outer City Edit

The outer city is surrounded by Casamir’s Wall, named after former High King Casamir. The outer walls are weaker, lower, and a great deal longer than Arnault’s. Smaller walls run between these two walls, like the spokes of a wheel, dividing the outer ring of the city into five districts. The Three Farms is a district at the south-western corner of the city, and the Arches at the north-western corner. There are some built-up settlements beyond Casamir’s Wall.