Affoia is an independent city-state in Styria ruled most recently by Countess Cotarda. Its emblem is the red banner of Affoia.

Government Edit

Affoia is ruled by a Count, the most recent being Countess Cotarda. Countess Cotarda is a pasty and girlish woman.

Geography and Culture Edit

Affoia is located in the south-east of Styria, to the south of Ospria, on the coast of the Suljuk Sea.

History Edit

Affoia is a junior partner in the League of Eight, opposed to the ruthlessly ambitious Grand Duke Orso of Talins.

Best Served Cold Edit

After the fall of Visserine, the decisive battle occurs near Ospria between Duke Orso’s main forces and Duke Rogont and his only allies, the Affoians. Rogont is victorious, thanks to the Sipanese surprisingly joining flanking the enemy, Gurkish money, and Monza Murcatto’s finally cavalry charge.

Countess Cotarda is one of the city-state rulers who crown Rogont the King of Styria; they are all poisoned with the crown by Morveer. After the death of Countess Cotarda, there are rumours of plague in the city.

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