Aliz dan Brint is a naïve young Union noblewoman and the wife of Colonel Brint.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Aliz is pleasant and moderately pretty, but naive and not very clever.

History Edit

Both of Aliz’ parents have died.

The Heroes Edit

Aliz joins husband in the North, despite how dangerous it might be for her to be with the army. She becomes good friends with Finree dan Brock.

The danger of being with the army turns out to be true, when on the second day of the battle, with Aliz in Lord Governor Meed’s headquarters, there is a raid by the Northmen. Stranger-Come-Knocking and his men slaughter most of the men, including the Lord Governor himself, and take Aliz and Finree captive.

Though Finree is later released by Black Dow, the last we see of Aliz, she's still in the clutches of Stranger-Come-Knocking, who wants children; civilised children.

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