Angland is a region on the Northern Continent of the Circle of the World. It is a Kingdom within the federated realm The Union, governed by the Meed family for generations from the capital in Ostenhorm. It has a troublesome border with The North on the river Whiteflow.

Origin Edit

Angland was originally populated by Northmen. Some two hundred years before the events in the trilogy, High King Casamir conquered Angland and brought it into The Union, in order to access the valuable deposits of iron and wood there.


Angland is governed by Lord Governor Fedor dan Meed in the name of the High King of the Union, from the capital in Ostenhorm. The governor has considerable autonomy over the province. Meed is considered a strong leader, and tireless champion of the province and its people. It is represented on the Open Council by Hersel dan Meed; third son of the Lord Governor.

Territory, Geography and Culture Edit

The Kingdom of Angland is on the Northern Continent, to the north of Midderland across The Circle Sea. It is bordered to the north at the river Whiteflow by The North. This border is defended by the key fortress of Dunbrec just south of the Whiteflow. To the south-west is Starikland across the White Sea. The climate is cold especially in the winter snows. The region still has a sizeable population of Northmen, often used as farm labour..

The river Cumnur splits the province into two parts. The Southern Part of the province contains the great majority of the population and almost all the significant towns, including the capital, Ostenhorm. The roads are reasonably good, the country relatively open.

The Northern Part is an unwelcoming expanse of dense forests, trackless bogs, and broken hills. It is sparsely populated with scattered mines, logging camps, and villages such as Black Well. There are also several prisons / penal labour camps operated by The Inquisition. There are only two roads, one to the western close to the mountains linking the mining communities, and one to the east following the coast.

Military Edit

The provence has a sizable garrison of King's Own. The fortress of Dunbrec is the lynchpin for the defence of the northern frontier. It has a three hundred men, with sufficient stores of weapons and food to withstand a year-long siege. There are also a number of small outposts. In addition, Angland has it's own soldiers under the Lord Governor for defence of the region. In times of crisis, the Governor can raise even more soldiers from the population.

History Edit

In recent years, Bethod has united almost all the northern clans and proclaimed himself King of the Northmen. He is now spoiling for a fight with The Union, and threatening Angland.

The Blade Itself Edit

In the Open Council, Hersel dan Meed protests when Dagoska demand funds for defence against the Gurkish, bemoaning that they have the greater need. He is outraged when the emissary from The North offers peace with The Union, but only in return for the territory of Angland.

The Union refuse, and the Northmen invade Angland, capturing the key fortress of Dunbrec, starting the First Northern War between the two. Angland is thrown into uproar, with civilians flocking to Ostenhorm. In Midderland, the Union Army gather under Lord Marshal Burr, and sail to Angland to war. Lord Governor Meed also raises every man, determined to march out and beat the Northmen on his own.

Before They Are Hanged Edit

The Northmen now flock to the northern part of Angland, but have yet not crossed the Cumner. The Lord Governor’s forces suffer a crushing defeat near the village of Black Well, despite the King’s orders not to engage the Northmen. The Union army under Crown Prince Ladisla suffer another crushing defeat to the north of the river Cumnur. However, The Union eventually defeat the Northmen near the fortress of Dunbrec, although it is not decisive. They also succeed in recapturing the fortress after a prolonged siege.

Last Argument of Kings Edit

The Union capture the important port of Uffrith in The North, having driven the Northmen out of Angland. The decisive battle in the war occurs in the High Places. While Bethod's army laid siege to a group of rebel Northmen, The Union flanked and defeated them. Bethod takes refuge in his fortress capital of Carleon, but dies when his champion is defeated in a duel with Logen Ninefingers. The end of the war removes the immediate threat to Angland.

Heroes Edit

Black Dow has been the King of the Northmen for eight years, when war again breaks out with The Union. The decisive three day battle occurs near the town of Osrung in The North. However, it ends in a stalemate. A new Protectorate region within The Union is created in the southern part of The North, under the rule of the Dogman. to act as a buffer zone between Angland and The North. During the battle the Lord Governor of Angland dies, with Harod dan Brock becoming the new Lord Governor.

Red Country Edit

Scale, the eldest son of Bethod, has been the King of the Northmen with his brother Black Calder for five years. They still.have a bitter resentment towards Logen Ninefingers for the death of their father.