Lady Ariss dan Kaspa is the well-bred cousin to Lieutenant Kaspa, and one of The Union’s richest heiresses.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Ariss is a slender, blue-eyed, fair-haired woman, with milky-white-skinned from remaining out of the sun whenever possible. She is considered stunningly beautiful with grace and poise by most people, but Jezal finds her dim-witted and far the inferior of Ardee. As the only child of her very rich father, she will inherit every mark of his fortune, making her one of the richest heiresses in The Union,

Recent Events Edit

The Blade Itself Edit

Lady Ariss arrives in Adua and becomes the topic of much gossip for Jezal's drinking buddies. Jalenhorm is especially smitten with her, but Jezal considered her a dead fish, limp and tedious.

Last Argument of Kings Edit

After the Battle of Adua, Ariss dedicates herself to nursing the many injured Union soldiers, including Lord Marshal Collem West. He consoles her for the death of Kaspa, who lost his life in The North during the war.

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