King Arnault is remembered as a great High King of the Union, who restored stability after the civil war of King Morlic the Mad. The wall that surrounds the inner city of Adua is named Arnault’s Wall after him.

History Edit

Under the reign of King Morlic, the Union was almost ripped apart. He was considered mad, and staged executions to go with his dinner. The Union fell into civil war, and eventually Morlic was murdered.

While keeping his identity secret, the Magus Bayaz was tutor to the young Arnault; Bayaz called himself Bialoveld. With no heir to Morlic, the succession to the throne was decided by the nobles in Open Council. Arnault was raised to the throne by near-unanimous accord; presumably though Bayaz’ manipulation. Arnault's reign restored stability to the Union. Bayaz served as his Lord Chamberlain.

Arnault sired the great dynasty that lasted until King Guslav the Fifth, and arguably continues with King Jezal the First.

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