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Lord Barezin is one of the most powerful nobleman in The Union.


The Blade ItselfEdit

Along with Lords Brock, Isher, and Heugen, Barezin is heavily invested in the Guild of Mercers, and is outraged in Open Council when the Arch Lector Sult exposes the treasonous activities of the Guild. However, the evidence of the traitors, including Hornlach's confession that Magister Kault himself ordered the assassination of nine men to cover up their crimes, seems conclusive. After hearing the evidence, Lord Barezin, made himself very small in his chair[1].

Last Argument of Kings Edit

With both heirs to the throne deceased, Barezinis one of the outside bets for the vote for the new High King. In Open Council for the election, Bayaz interupts the polling to reveal the existence of an illegitimate son of King Guslav, none other than Colonel Jezal dan Luthar. Barezin watches in horror as the best part of his support flocks to the cause of the young pretender


  1. The Blade Itself, The King's Justice

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