Beck: Ain’t it God’s sword, fell from the sky? I thought it had to be passed on. Is it cursed?
Curnden Craw: Every sword’s a curse, boy.

–Beck and Curnden Craw, The Heroes

Beck is a young Northern lad, whose father was a famous Named Man, Shama Heartless.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Beck is a young seventeen year old man, craving glory on the battlefield, oblivious to the harsh reality and confusion that is to come.

History Edit

Beck grew up on a farm with his mother and two brothers Wenden and Festen, dreaming of proving himself in battle.

The Heroes Edit

Beck takes his father’s swords, and runs away for join the Northmen army who are at war with the Union. He is recruited by one of Black Dow's war-chief Caul Reachey, with other young Northmen, including a boy called Reft. They are assigned to the defenders of Osrung, under Brydian Flood. Soon after he arrives, he sees Caul Shivers casually killing a fellow Northman, for calling him Black Dow’s dog.

As the Union close of Osrung, Beck is sent upstairs with his bow. As the Union fight their way over the fence into the village, Beck panics in the mass of confusion and mad noise, and hides in a cupboard. He hears a creaking footstep, and bursts out of the cupboard and kills the man; who turns out to be Reft. He creeps downstairs to find only Northmen and Union dead.

Brydian Flood enters, and Beck learns that the Northmen have pushed back the Union forces from Osrung. Flood assumes Beck played his part, and Names him Red Beck. Flood and Beck join Curnden Craw’s dozen.

When Beck and the others can’t sleep on the eve of the battle, Wonderful, Whirrun of Bligh and Craw entertain them with stories of their Names. As the Union forces make a massive push for The Heroes, Beck is thrown about in the melee. When Craw is knocked down by Bremer dan Gorst, Beck saves him.

After the battle, Beck admits to Craw what happened in Osrung; Craw wasn’t bothered or surprised. Beck holds a shield in the dual between Black Dow and Calder, standing beside Shivers, as he steps into the circle and strikes down Dow.

In the end, Beck turns his back on the whole business, and goes back to the farm to chop logs instead of head.