Bedesh was the third son of Almighty Euz, who was granted the gift from his father of the Art of Spirit Talking.[1]


Bedesh was granted the gift of the Art of Spirit Talking. The Spirits are primal wraiths somewhat similar to Nature Spirits. Euz gifted to Bedesh the ability to talk to Spirits and making them do ones bidding. Little is known about the Art of Spirit Talking; Logen Ninefingers may now be the only person in the world with the ability.


After Euz vanquished the Demons and close the gates to the Other Side, he granted a gift to his three eldest sons – the three pure Disciplines of Magic. However, Bedesh's youngest brother Glustrod was granted no gift. Glustrod harboured a bitterness resentment towards his brothers, and Juvens.especially. He allied with Demons on the Other Side, and using The Seed made war on The Old Empire and defiling the city of Aulcus, Juvens' greatest achievement.

When Juvens saw what Glustrod had done, he called his two brothers to join him against Glustrod. However, only Bedesh would come, and together they destroyed Glustrod. In the aftermath of the war, the three remaining sons of Euz eventually agree to put The Seed beyond use. Together the journeyed to Shabulyan at the edge of the world. Bedesh ordered the Spirit of the island to hold The Seed, and only yield it to the one who carried Juvens' staff.[2]

Bedesh seems to have died some time after this, but before the death of his brother Kanedias. How he died is an Unanswered Question.


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