Blacktoe is an old Named Northman who is generally held in good regard. He got his name after losing all his toes to the frost. He now riders horseback all the time and is an expert horseman, slouching in the saddle with great ease.

History Edit

Blacktoe was loyal to Old Man Yawl, who was opposed to Bethod, but reluctantly went over to him, after Yawl was killed in a duel with Bethod's champion Fenris the Feared.

The Blade Itself Edit

After the Magus Bayaz rejects Bethod’s overtures of friendship, he sends Blacktoe's crew to track down him and Logen Ninefingers. He successfully ambushes the pair, but Logen manages to attack and flee. However, Blacktoe is an old warrior and has planned for this, with another ambush in the forest. When he catches them again, Bayaz uses his Art to cause a circle of trees around them to explode. Blacktoe is left burned and mortally wounded with his legs crushed under a tree. He encourages Logen to put him out of his misery, regretting only not dying fighting Bethod.

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