Borletta is an independent city-state in the centre of Styria ruled most recently by Duke Cantain.

Government Edit

Borlette is ruled by a Duke, the most recent being Cantain. Cantain was highly respected as a good, honest, honourable, and brave man; one of the few in Styria.

Geography and Culture Edit

Borlette is located in the centre of Styria, to the west of Visserine, on the coast of the Azure Sea. The city retails ancient ruins from The New Empire, including the Senate House.

History Edit

Duke Cantain was a one of the founder of The League of Eight with Dukes Rogont and Salier, to oppose the ruthlessly ambitious Grand Duke Orso of Talins. Duke Orso tried to bribe Duke Cantain, but he refused. After defeating the Visserine forces in the battle on the High Bank, the people of Borletta opened the gates to Orso’s army under General Monza Murcatto. Duke Cantain and his son’s heads were put on spikes above the gates.

Best Served Cold Edit

A young niece of Duke Cantain eventually became the new Duchess of Borletta. She had to foil a plot by some nobles of the city to depose her, through persuasion. After Duke Orso's defeat, Grand Duchess Monza of Talins sends an ambassador to Borletta, proposing friendship between the two.

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