Brack-i-Dayn is a Named Man, who's been a member of Curnden Craw's Dozen of Northmen warriors for fourteen years.

Appearance. Edit

He's a big burly Hillman with tattoos covering half his ruddy face.

The Heroes Edit

Brack gets a bad gash in his leg during the skirmish before the Battle of the Heroes, when Hardbread and his crew try to retake the hill. He brushes it off as a scratch, but starts to look pale and clammy. On the morning of the second day of the battle in the valley of Osrung, he's found to have died in his sleep from his leg wound gone bad. Craw says the words over Brack’s grave, wondering how many more of these he can stand.

Sharp Ends Edit

He is with Curnden Craw in a mision beyond the crinna, looking for a mysterious object