Brass is the old, hunched over headman of the coastal city of Uffrith during the First Northern War. Early one morning a bell rings loudly, waking all the townsfolk and summoning them to the town square. When they get there, they find the Dogman, Tul Duru, Grim, Black Dow, Shivers and a few hundred Carls.

The Dogman explains that they've taken the city, with as little bloodshed as possible, in order for The Union to use it as a port for supplies and reinforcements. He gives them the opportunity to surrender, instead of burning down the town outright. After getting the Dogman's word that the women will be left alone, Brass sets down his sword and thanks Dogman for his mercy. Brass didn't much like Bethod anyway.[1]


  1. Last Argument of Kings, Part I, Being Chief

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