Brodd Tenways is a one of Black Dow’s five war-chiefs during the war with the Union, known for being famously loyal … and as ugly inside as out.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Tenways is foul-toothed and foul-smelling, with a hideous rash patching his twisted face; Calder describes him as “ugly as incest”. He comes across as constantly angry and foul-mouthed, with a habit of spitting.

History Edit

Tenways made a bitter enemy of Bethod, but lost to him in battle twice, and was forced to kneel and give up everything he had. He’s since shifted all his years of bile from Bethod to his sons, Scale and especially Calder.

The Heroes Edit

Before the battle, when someone tries to kill Calder, under torture, the assassin says that Tenways gave the order.

On the first day, General Jalenhorm’s division occupy the key ground in the valley of Osrung, but are overstretched, with some Regiments still caught up on the bad roads. Under cover of the thick forest to the north, the Northmen approached in great numbers. Caul Reachey’s forces leads off, moving towards Osrung, carrying all the Northmen standards to make it look like their big effort. Jalenhorm falls for this bluff and sends men from the Heroes to reinforce Osrung, leaving the stones weaker held. Then Ironhead and Tenways make the proper effort on the Heroes, and comprehensively breaking the defenders.

On the second day, Tenways is kept in reserve behind Scale in the west and Ironhead in the centre. Scale and his men are met with a large attack from the Union, but Calder receives word that there are Union soldiers on their right flank, so calls for Tenways reserve. However, Tenways refuses to come believing Calder a coward, and Scale is defeated and believed dead. After the battle, Calder finds Tenways and punches him in the face for not helping his brother. Things might have turned ugly, but Black Dow turns up and “calms” the situation in his usual style.

On the third day, both Calder and Tenways are to protect against assault from the Old Bridge in the west from behind Clail’s Wall. When Calder’s tricks massacre Mitterick’s cavalry, he commits his Regiments of Foot. A fierce melee develops near Calder’s end of Clail’s Wall. As the Northmen are near breaking point, Tenways commits his men, and eventually drives off the Union.

Brodd Tenways holds a shield for Black Dow in his duel with Calder, where Caul Shivers steps into the circle and kills Dow. With Dow dead, both Calder and Tenways calculate the odds, but Calder is quicker and kills Tenways.

In the end, Calder realises that it wasn’t Tenways who tried to have him killed; it was Caul Reachey.

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