General Cabrian is the greatest general of the undisputed Emperor of the Old Empire, and one of the three men locked in a deadly struggle to become the new Emperor.

History Edit

In recent years, Sabarbus came to power crushing his rivals under his boot thanks to his greatest General Cabrain. He became the self-proclaimed Emperor of the Old Empire. However, his short reign came to an end when he was poisoned. His sons squabbled over his legacy, and then made war on each other.

Goltus held the city of Darmium, but Scario took the city under siege with the help of Cabrian. No sooner had Cabrian taken the city, than he proclaimed himself Emperor. Cabrian, always eccentric, is rumoured to have lost his reason entirely, murdering his wife, marrying his own three daughters, and declaring himself a living God. The gates of Darmium are now sealed, while he scours the city for witches, devils, and traitors to hang. Scario, Goltus, and Cabrian are now three Emperors, locked in a deadly struggle.

Before They Are Hanged Edit

Bayaz, Quai, Longfoot, Jezal, Ferro and Logen travel across the Old Empire on their journey to the edge of the world. They come across a battlefield littered with dead bodies and the Magus Zacharus. He claims the dead are the work of his protégé Goltus, who has defeated his brother Scario, but shows him mercy. He’s now on his way to Darmium to crush Cabrian, and make himself undisputed Emperor.

Red Country Edit

It is revealed that Goltus was victorious, and is now His Radiance, Emperor Goltus the First. In Sharp Ends, Shevedieh remarks that she was present in Darmium for Cabrian's execution.

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