Calcis is a port city in The Old Empire, governed by the Imperial Legate Salamo Narba.

Geography Edit

Calcis is a port city on the eastern coast of the Old Empire, near the mouth of a small fast-flowing river. Long centuries ago in the Old Time, it was a great city with wide straight streets to give visitors magnificent views. The years have not been kind, and much of the city is reduced to decay. Everywhere there are abandoned houses, and rutted roads choked with weeds. Half the bridges across the river have collapsed and never been repaired. The great forum, once the throbbing heart of the city, now attracts only a few desultory stalls and a threadbare crowd. The grand statues round the edge are stained and broken. Only in the Imperial Legate's glorious hall has the majesty of the past not entirely faded.

History Edit

Many centuries ago when The Old Empire was at its height, Calcis was a bustling city, where citizens watched spectacles, and argue philosophy and politics. The conflict between Juvens and Glustrod cause the collapse of the empire, and it has never since risen above rival self-proclaimed Emperors squabbling for power. There are currently three, Scario, Goltus, and Cabrian, locked in a deadly struggle.

Before They Are Hanged Edit

Bayaz and his brave band of heroes visit the city of Calcis on their journey to the Edge of the World. Shortly before their arrival, the Magus Zacharus’ visited seeking support for his protege Goltus; he was turned away. Salamo Narba summons these new arrivals to his hall, worried about their presence with the trouble state of The Old Empire. He gives Bayaz three days to leave, but Bayaz gets pissy and insists on leaving the same day toward Darmium.

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