Duke Cantain was the rule of the independent city-state of Borletta in Styria. He is one of the men who founded The League of Eight, with Dukes Salier of Visserine and Rogont of Ospria, a military alliance formed to stop the insatiable ambition of Grand Duke Orso of Talins to conquer all of Styria. He was respected by all as a good man, honest, honourable, bold and brave; one of the few in Styria.

Nevertheless, after Duke Salier was defeated by General Monza Murcatto at the High Bank, the people of Borletta lost hope. A mob dragged Cantain and his sons from the palace, hanged him from the highest tower, and opened the gates to The Thousand Swords. Their heads were spiked over the gates of the city.

After his death, his young niece eventually became the new Duchess of Borletta.

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