Caprile is an independent city-state in Styria, which was conquered by Monza Murcatto.

Geography and Culture Edit

Caprile is located in the west of Styria, to the south of Talins, on the coast of the Circle Sea.

History Edit

Caprile is a junior partner in the League of Eight, opposed to the ruthlessly ambitious Grand Duke Orso of Talins.

General Monza captures the city for Orso, after the Visserines suffered a defeat at Sweet Pines, when Salier rashly engaged Orso’s forces without waiting for Duke Rogont to arrive. She tells her brother Benna to grant mercy to the populace. When she wakes up the next day, the city is burning and people are being plundered and killed. It is Monza who gains the reputation as the ‘Butcher of Caprile’. Despite this, Monza is still a hero of the people of Talins, and they put on a triumph for her through the city.

Best Served Cold Edit

Caprile is now a shell of her former glory.

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