Carleon is the largest city in The North, which King Bethod made his fortress capital. It is home to Skarling's Chair, the ancient throne of the Northmen.


Carleon is located in the centre of The North, to the north of the city of Uffrith. It is on the fork of a surging river, built on a hill, and covering the whole hill down to the river. There are three new roads leading out from the city, and two new wooden bridges.

It is the largest city in The North, much of it recently built since Bethod moved in. There are high sheer wall around the outside of the city, and a big ditch beyond it. It has an even taller inner wall around the top of the hill where Skarling’s Hall used to stand. The buildings in the city are built from stone with slate roofs, some with glass windows.


Skarling Hoodless was a great hero of the Northmen, who first united the northern clans some two hundred years before the trilogy. He made Carleon his capital.

During his rise to King of the Northmen, Bethod put siege to Carleon. During the battle, Logen Ninefingers lost his finger, and first won his reputation. Once captured, Bethod gave the city to his Carls for three days. When he finally unified most of the northern clans, he made Carleon his capital.

The Blade Itself Edit

On their journey, Threetrees and his crew come across Northmen heading south to war with The Union. Fearing the North will be undefended against the Shanka, Forley the Weakest goes into Carleon to warn the Bethod. When Calder's men come out with Forley's dead body, the crew attack and butcher them all.

Last Argument of Kings Edit

After the battle in the High Places, The Union forces push Bethod back to Carleon. Bethod agrees to a duel between Logen Ninefingers and his champion, Fenris the Feared, to decide the war. Logen wins the duel and then walks up the steps to the top of Carleon's walls and throws Bethod from the wall.

The HeroesEdit

Calder begins The Heroes in a forced guest of King Black Dow in Carleon. Dow finds him amusing and sometimes listens to his advice, but no when he suggests peace between The North and The Union. When Calder is sent south to the Valley of Osrung and the Battle of the Heroes, Calder's pregnant wife stands hostage for him in Carleon.


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