King Casamir is remembered as a great warrior-King of The Union, through whose boldness Angland was conquered. The wall that surrounds Adua is named Casamir’s Wall after him.

History Edit

King Casamir one of the most celebrated of all the High Kings of the Union. Spillion Sworbreck has written an eight-volume biograph, The Life of Casamir, Hero of Angland.

He was a great military leader, both bold and a meticulous planner, who cared deeply for his men. His reign saw the glorious conquest of Angland, bringing it into the realm, and giving The Union access to the iron resources there. He also led the Union army across the Whiteflow into The North, although he was forced to withdraw in some disarray by Skarling Hoodless. He is said to have had likenesses of his worst enemies shout insults at him while he took his breakfast every morning, to keep his hatred for them fresh.

While keeping his identity secret, the Magus Bayaz acted as an advisor of King Casamir; Bayaz called himself Zoller and was the greatest of all Arch Lectors. Bayaz claims that in truth, Casamir was a coward.

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