People are apt, to get all misty-eyed over how things used to be. Age o' heroes and all. Well, I remember the old way. I was there, and it was no different to the new.

–Caul Reachey to Calder, The Heroes

Caul Reachey is one of Black Dow’s five war-chiefs, a famously honourable veteran warrior, and father-in-law to Calder.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Reachey is an old man, with a gap-toothed smile, and white stubble, who’s fought in every battle since whenever.  He has a reputation as a real straight edge, a man who did everything the old way; though might not be quite as honourable as he seems.

History Edit

Reachey promised his only daughter Seff, to Bethod's youngest son Calder, before Bethods fall to the Bloody-Nine. Calder and Seff are now married, with Seff expecting his first grandchild.

The Heroes Edit

With the North at war with the Union, Reachey is to the east at a weapontake, pressing new recruits into service; one of his recruits is Beck. When Calder visits on his way to meet up with Scale, Reachey warns him that Black Dow wants him dead; if it comes to a fight between the two, he won’t move against Calder but he won’t move for. Soon after, three men do try to kill Calder, but he survives.

On day one of the battle, Dow sends Reachey to capture the town of Osrung, while the bulk of the force retakes the hill, crowned by ancient standing stones known as The Heroes. Reachey gets over the fence and kicks the Union out of Osrung. On day two and three, Reachey’s force is ordered to hold Osrung, which they succeed in doing, though they were bloody days.

After the battle, Black Dow and Calder have an angrily confrontation about Calder’s scheming. Calder accuses Dow of trying to have him killed near Reachey’ weapontake, but Black Dow denies it.

You think if I’d a mind to kill you there’s a man could stop me?

Calder looks at Reachey and realises that it was him; Reachey wanted protect his only daughter, who was standing hostage for Calder.

In the end, with Scale the King of the Northmen and Calder the man-behind-the-man, Reachey is supposedly killed by Glama Golden; although it’s hard not to assume Calder had him killed as soon as his son was born, and blamed it on Golden.