Shy South: Prospecting? Don’t see a lot of women at that business.
Corlin: Are you saying there’s a limit on what a woman can do?

Shy South and Corlin, Red Country

Corlin is a former Starikland rebel, on the run from the Union in the Far Country with her “uncle” Savian

Appearance and Personality Edit

Corlin is lean, sinewy, and strong, with hair cut short and blue, blue eyes that look like they see a long way. She keeps her body covered, since it is covered in rebel tattoos.  She’s a resourceful, hard-headed woman, who's a dab hand with a bandage.

History Edit

In the years before the start of the book, Starikland has been thrown into a peasant rebellion with the people seeking to leave the Union; led by the mysterious Conthus. Corlin played some kind of leadership role in the rebels. The rebellion has since been crushed by the Union, and the surviving rebels are now on the run from the Union and the Inquisition.

Red Country Edit

Corlin and her “uncle” Savian are travelling with Abram Majud’s Fellowship to Crease, claiming to be prospectors. At one point, Shy notices that Savian’s arm is blue with tattoos, like the rebels in Starikland, and recognises them both as rebels on the run.

In Crease, Corlin and Savian don’t seem to be in any rush to start prospecting; they seem to be waiting for other surviving rebels to meet them in Crease, to plan another rebellion. They also meet with the magi Zacharus, for an unknown reason.

Corlin disappears from Crease. When Shy and Temple flee Beacon with the Dragon People’s gold, the mercenaries chase them down, until Corlin and her rebels save them. She gives them two horses to get back to Crease, but takes all the gold. She reveals that in fact she is Conthus, the leader and chief fomenter of the rebellion, rather than her uncle.

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