Countess Cotarda is the leader of the city-state of Affoia, and a junior member of The League of Eight, the alliance formed to counter Grand Duke Orso's ruthless ambitions. Cotarda is a young pasty girl, who seems to be dominated by her uncle and first advisor; who is rumoured to also be her lover.

History Edit

Best Served Cold Edit

Countess Cotarda and the other members of The League of Eight attend a peace conference in Sipani organised by King Jezal of The Union. However, the conference falls apart when Duke Orso's son, Prince Ario, is assassinated in Cardotti’s House of Leisure.

Affoia remains loyal to Grand Duke Rogont throughout the years of conflict with Duke Orso. They play their small part in the victory against the Talinese army near Ospria.

Countess Cotarda is amongst the city-state rulers who are to crown Rogont the King of all Styria, along with Lirozio of Puranti, Patine of Nicante, Sotorius of Sipani, and Monza Murcatto, now Grand Duchess of Talins. However, the crown is poisoned by the master poisoner Castor Morveer, who is now working for Orso's backers Valint & Balk. During the ceremony, moments after the crown is placed on Rogont's head, Cotarda and all of the city-state rulers including Rogont fall down dead, except for Monza who is saved by the glove she always wears on her crippled hand.

Little is known about the new ruler of Affoia, but the city does suffers from of a great plague.

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