Shy: What’s this old Ghost to you?
Crying Rock: He’s my wife.
Dab Sweet: Sometimes it do feel that way, I’ll concede.

Shy South, Crying Rock, and Dab Sweet, Red Country

Crying Rock is an old Ghost woman and a former member of the Dragon People, who is Dab Sweet’s “partner”, guiding Fellowships across the Far Country.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Crying Rock is an old Ghost woman with a deep-lined face, a broken sideways nose, and grey hair all bound up with what looks like the tatters of an old Imperial flag. She often holds an old chagga pipe gripped between her teeth, not smoking it, just chewing it. Her face is usually a stony blankness, and she speaks little. She can also move silently, and is a far better navigator than Sweet. Her preferred weapon is a club.

History Edit

Crying Rock was kidnapped from her Ghost tribe by the Dragon People when she was over ten years of age; this was at the same time as Waerdinur, whom she still considers her brother. However, she was too old, and could not change and assimilate into the Dragon People. She carried a fury of vengeance in her until she had to be cast out. Now, she and her “partner” of twenty years, the famed frontiersman Dab Sweet, guide travelling Fellowships and prospectors across the Far Country.

Red Country Edit

Shy South and Lamb join Abram Majud’s Fellowship being guided by Crying Rock and Dab Sweet to Crease. Along the way, a Ghost war-band attack the Fellowship, and they are sorely pressed, before driving away the attackers, despite losses. During truce talks Sweet negotiates with Sangeed, and Sangeed eventually agrees a price less than half his original demand. Then, Lamb slowly stands, saying “I’ve a better offer”. He kills three of the Ghosts, then chops off Sangeed’s head, leaving only one alive to take a message back to the war-band. The next day the Ghosts are gone.

In Crease, Shy and Lamb prepare to go into the mountains after the children, with Nicomo Cosca and his mercenaries. Sweet offers to guide them to Ashranc to rescue the Pit and Ro, thanks to Crying Rocks knowledge of the region. Cosca kill most of the people, razes the city, and steal the entire treasury. Crying Rock cannot take any pleasure in finally getting vengeance on the Dragon People.

On the way back to Crease, Lamb decides to go back and rescue Savian in Beacon, who Cosca claims is the rebel leader Conthus. Crying Rock and Shy convince Sweet to go back too. Crying Rock and Sweet stampedes the horses through Beacon, allowing Shy and Temple to steal the wagon with all the Dragon People's gold in.

In the end, Crying Rock and Sweet guide a new Fellowship back to the Near Country, including Shy, Lamb and the children.

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