The Dark Metal Box is an artefact created by Kanedias, the Master Maker. The box is square, simply made from dark metal, big enough to hold a man’s head, maybe. It is very heavy; it could hardly have weighed moreif it was a block of solid iron. Kanedias forged it to be strong so it could carry The Seed. As strong as all his great skill could make it. Not to keep The Seed safe from the World, but to keep the World safe from The Seed. The box can be opened with a hidden catch and inside are a set of metal coils pointing in from all sides to leave a space to hold The Seed.

History Edit

Kanedias forged the box to carry The Seed, which was given to him by his brother Juvens after the death of Glustrod. He studied it, claiming he could turn it to a righteous purpose. He even kept it after Juvens demanded to put The Seed beyond use at the Edge of the World, tricking his brother with a simple stone.

Recent Events Edit

The Magus Bayaz entered the House of the Maker, and took the box on his journey to Shabulyan to retrieve The Seed, making Logen Ninefingers carry it. At the Edge of the World, Bayaz found the simple stone Kanedias had tricked his brother with.

Bayaz eventually found The Seed in the House of the Maker thanks to Ferro Maljinn. It was kept in the box until he used The Seed to destroy Khalul's army of Eaters, and half of Adua. It was last seen under Yoru Sulfur's arm when he and Bayaz left Adua at the end of the trilogy.

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