Darmium is major city in the centre of The Old Empire, to the south of Aulcus and a hundred miles north-east of Aostum. It contains one of the few bridges bridges over the mighty river Aos. The bridge is the work of Kanedias himself, a gift to his brother Juvens when they were yet on good terms. It crosses the river in a single span.

Recent History Edit

Darmium became the stronghold of Goltus, one of the three rivals locked in a deadly struggle to become the new Emperor. However, his brother Scario took the city under siege with his father’s greatest general, Cabrian. No sooner had Cabrian taken the city, than he proclaimed himself Emperor. After defeating Scario, it seems that Goltus then took Darmium under siege to become undisputed Emperor Goltus the First.

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