Ah, the riddle of the invisible torturer! Who knows or cares to know? The man was a swine.

–Cosca on Davoust

Superior Davoust was the Superior of the Inquisition in Dagoska until he disappeared, presumed dead.

Personality Edit

Davoust was an abrasive character, with some incredibly distasteful racial views - few people have anything nice to say about him.

History Edit

As Superior of Dagoska, Davoust was one of the driving forces behind The Union's brutal oppression of the native Dagoskans. After a native rebellion, Davoust not only arrested and tortured to death the ringleaders, but indiscriminately rounded up any wealthy natives and took their money. Afterwards, he declared the Upper City off limits to the natives. He chose not to attend the city council of Dagoska.

The Blade Itself Edit

Superior Davoust has been keeping Arch Lector Sult informed of the goings-on in Dagoska. However, one day he mysteriously disappears while alone in his room in the citadel. Inquisitor Harker takes his three servants into custody, and tortures them for information. Meanwhile, the Arch Lector names Sand dan Glokta his replacement as Superior, tasked with discovering what happened to his predecessor.

Before They Are Hanged Edit

Gloktas investigation reveals that one of his servant, Shickel, was a Gurkish agent and Eater in disguise. She killed and ate Davoust, when he found out about the plot by Korsten dan Vurms and Carlot dan Eider to hand over the city to the Gurkish. In fact, Davoust didn’t intend to expose the treason, he wanted money, but more money than the Gurkish or Eider were willing to give.