Denka is the Adeptus Metallic of the University in Adua. As his title suggests, he studies metals and alloys.


Denka is an arrogant man, the youngest of the Adepti, though by no means a young man[1].

Recent EventsEdit

The Blade ItselfEdit

Inquisitor Glokta first meets Adeptus Denka when he goes to the University seeking a mundane explanation for the explosion in Bayaz’ chambers. Glokta is surprised by the warm welcome he gets from the Adepti (Silber, Saurizin, Denka, Chayle and Kandelau), who invite him to dinner. The old men seem surprisingly familiar with Arch Lector Sult, and enquire whether they will receive more funds now that the Mercers’ assets have been seized. Denka wanted to get the Inquisitor's attention with his new alloys, but was disappointed that day[1].

Last Argument of KingsEdit

There have been many hints that Sult and Superior Goyle are up to something in the University, and that Sult knows more than most about the occult.

During the Battle of Adua, Glokta finally discovers the truth; Sult and Silber, the Adeptus Demonic, have been conducting occult experiments to make contact Demons on The Other Side. He and his motley mercenaries go to the University, and in the room behind the black riveted door, they find the demonic incantation in progress. Denka is one of the three Adepti holding candles in both hands. Reluctant to cross the salt, Nicomo Cosca kills Silber with his throwing knife. The incantation ends to everyone’s relief, and Adeptus Saurizin is arrested with Sult and the others for high treason against his Majesty the King.

The HeroesEdit

The Adepti Saurizin and Denka go to The North with the Union Army, to conduct experiments for Bayaz with primitive cannons. The tests are relatively successful, and they hit the standing stones on the hill called the Heroes on their second attempt. They inflicting considerable injury and confusion in the Northmen ranks, including killing Splitfoot. However, Bayaz orders the cannons to continue firing, contrary to the advice of the Adepti, until one explodes, causing similar injuries to the Union forces.


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