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Euz was a half-human half-demon from the early days of the world, when there was but chaos. He is also known as Almighty Euz, vanquisher of demons, closer of gates, father of the World. He rose up against the demons and banished them to the Other Side, thus allowing humans to flourish. After that, he gave gifts to his three eldest sons – the three pure disciplines of magic – and then left them, telling his sons to bring order to the world. Euz is presumed dead, but his exact fate is unrevealed.

The sons of EuzEdit

Euz had four sons:

  1. The first law sons of euz by darey dawn-d804nfw
    Juvens, who he taught the High Art (manipulation of the laws of physics)
  2. Kanedias, who he taught Making (crafting of artifacts)
  3. Bedesh, who he taught how to speak with spirits
  4. Glustrod, who received no gifts from his father apart from his blessings

After teaching his sons their part of his gifts, Euz departed the world and told his sons to bring it to order. They did so in their own manners, but Glustrod was jealous of the gifts the others had, and eventually came to rise against Juvens. Juvens and Bedesh then made war on Glustrod, killing him. Later, Juvens was murdered by Kanedias (by some accounts), and in revenge Juvens' apprentices the Magi attacked Kanedias, and Bayaz killed him. Of the four sons of Euz, only Bedesh is unaccounted for.

The two known Laws of EuzEdit

Euz commanded his sons (and their followers) to obey laws, of which the following are the two known laws:

  • The First Law: It is forbidden to touch the Other Side direct. Forbidden to communicate with the world below, forbidden to summon demons, forbidden to open gates to hell.
  • The Second Law: It is forbidden to eat the flesh of men.

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