Euz was a God-like half-human, half-Demon from the dawn of time in the Circle of the World, when there was but chaos. He is also known as Almighty Euz, vanquisher of Demons, closer of gates, father of the World.

History Edit

In ancient times, it is said, the our World and The Other Side were one and the same. Demons roamed the world and left chaos beyond imagining in their wake. They bred with humans, and their offspring were half-human, half-Demon half breeds. Euz was one such Devil-Blood. His blood brought him great gifts in Magic. He rose up against the Demons and banished them to the Other Side, and sealed the gates between, thus allowing humans to flourish.

Euz had four sons, and to the three eldest he gave a gift – the three pure Disciplines of Magic. Then he left the world, telling his sons to bring order to the world. The only stricture he put on his sons was to obey his two Laws. Euz is presumed dead or living some kind of ethereal existence, but his exact fate is unclear.

Sons of EuzEdit

Name Gift
Juvens High Art, the ability to change the world by drawing power from The Other Side
Kanedias Art of Making, the ability to shape worldly materials into otherworldly artefacts
Bedesh Art of Spirit Talking, the ability to talk to Spirits and making them do ones bidding
Glustrod He received no gifts from his father apart from his blessings

Laws of EuzEdit

Euz placed two known stricture on his sons and their followers to obey his Laws.

  • The First Law: "It is forbidden to touch the Other Side direct. Forbidden to communicate with the world below, forbidden to summon Demons, forbidden to open gates to hell". The First Law is filled with contradictions. All magic comes from the Other Side. The sons of Euz and other Devil-Bloods are part-Demon.
  • The Second Law: "It is forbidden to eat the flesh of men". The Second Law precludes eating human flesh in order to absorb magical powers; becoming an Eater.