Fallow is a notorious moneylender who operates in Adua.


Before They Are HangedEdit

Some years ago, Fallow lent a lot of money to Collem and Ardee West's father. Hearing of his recent death, he went to Ardee's home to collect his dues. Ardee was unable to pay the full amount, so he took any precious items in lieu, and gave her six weeks to come up with the rest. He came back when the time was up, and seized all her belongings, leaving only the dress she was wearing.[1]

Three days later, a mighty albino pays him a visit; Practical Frost. He delivers an ultimatum from Superior Glokta: replace everything seized in Ardee's home, or be in a world of pain. The choice was easy enough, and by the next day, he had filled the house top to bottom with furniture, carpets, dresses and paintings. He apologizes most profoundly to Ardee, but Glokta gives her an opportunity to pay Fallow back, and she does so with gusto, kicking him in the face, until he crawls away.[1]


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