Twelve men with very different ideas, and for twenty years, war and peace, Feekt held the Closed Council in balance. He played off the Inquisition against the judges, the bankers against the military. He was the axle on which the Kingdom turned, the foundation on which it rested, and his death has left a hole.

–Arch Lector Sult, Joe Abercrombie, The Blade Itself

Feekt was the Lord Chancellor of the Union and a member of the Closed Council, but die just before the start of the series.

History Edit

As Lord Chancellor, Feekt was responsible for taxes, the treasury, and the mints. For forty years he was the greatest politician of his day, and arguably the most powerful man in The Union after the King, earning himself the moniker The Golden Chancellor. He played a key role in balancing the squabbling factions on the Closed Council. He died at almost ninety years of age, just before the events in The Blade Itself.

After his death, High Justice Marovia and Arch Lector Sult both scrambled to fill the hole he left. A bitter rivalry developed between the two which divided the Closed Council into factions. Surveyor General Halleck succeeded Feekt as Lord Chancellor, through Sults scheming.

In Last Argument of Kings, it is revealed that Feekt was actually a pawn of the Magus Bayaz.