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Ferro Maljinn
Ferro Maljinn as illustrated by Gabriela Shel
Culture Kantic
Book(s) The Blade Itself (POV)
Before They Are Hanged (POV)
Last Argument of Kings (POV)

Ferro Maljinn is a former slave of the Gurkhul and the deadliest woman of the south.


Ferro has short, spiky black hair and dark skin. She has a thin scar across the right side of her face, starting at the eyebrow and ending across her lips. But her most remarkable feature is the "deep, rich, golden" color of her slightly slanted eyes.[1]


Ferro is friendless; everyone she ever cared about has either betrayed her or died. She treats everyone with the deepest suspicion, and enjoys provoking people. Her only desire is vengeance against the Gurkish. She is extremely skilled with a bow, but she uses a scimitar-like curved sword at close range.

Powers Edit

Ferro is a descendant of the demons, and possesses several traits of their bloodline. Her physical capabilities exceed normal human limits, including speed, endurance, tolerance to pain, healing, and hearing. Her vision is especially acute; she can see in near-total darkness and her distance perception is as good as a man with a spyglass. However, she is completely color-blind. Her demonic heritage also allows Ferro to handle the Seed without harming her physically, and apparently allowed her to sense its presence and locate it within the House of the Maker.


Ferro is from a small country called Muntaz, by the sea, far to the east of Shaffa, beyond the mountains. The Gurkish conquered it years ago, and its people were scattered or made slaves like Ferro. When she was twelve years old, she was bought by a man called Susman, who owned place where slave-girls would be trained to please men and then sold at a profit. Two years later, she stole a knife and cut a big gash across her face, cutting her price down by three quarters[2]. Later, she was one of the many slaves of the Emperor's youngest son in the palace, Uthman, who would become Emperor Uthman-ul-Dosht.

Ferro has since escaped slavery and become one of the most feared bandit in Gurkhul, preying on Gurkish soldiers without mercy. Her only companions are fellow bandits who she generally despises

The Blade Itself Edit

Ferro crew is attacked by Gurkish soldiers, and she is the only survivor of the conflict on both sides. While burying her crew, because that’s what crews do for one another, an unarmed old man approaches. After her attacks fail, she figures magic is at work and talking might be more effective. He introduces himself as Yulwei, and offers to help escape the soldiers on her tail. Realizing she’d rather live than die she accepts his help in exchange for a future favour.

Yulwei uses his powers to make them appear invisible as they creep past several campfires surrounded by Gurkish soldiers. Nearing Dagoska, and unsure whether his Art can keep them hidden amonst the Gurkish horde planning to lay siege to the city, Yulwei goes on alone. Ferro takes the chance to flee into the night. The next morning, she awakes to the sound of voices, a brother and sister searching for her. Ferro runs to an open space, but they capture her, undaunted by repeated arrows in the torso; Eaters to be sure.

The sister mocks her efforts to escape, but stops when a voice commands them to do so; Yulwei. After offering the Eaters a chance to leave, admonishing them for breaking Euz’s law, Yulwei attacks with his Art; the sister’s bones are turned to water and the brother burns from within. Ferro admits she cannot survive without Yulwei.

In Adua, despite proper paperwork, the savage looking woman and old man are denied access by the guards unless they disarm. With a cool head and some credibility earned in the Gurkish campaign, Collem West mollifies the situation and Ferro and Yulwei gain entry.

In Bayaz’ apartment, Bayaz is wondering whether Ferro is what he’s looking for. To test her, Bayaz presents two stones and asks her to choose the blue. She chooses the one on the left, but Bayaz reveals them both to bed red, proving that Ferro cannot see colour. Her response is to attack, shattering Bayaz’ nose. He finds it rather funny. Bayaz asks Ferro to accompany him on his quest. With some convincing that it’s her best path to revenge herself on the Gurkish, Ferro agrees.

With the journey now prepared, Ferro goes missing and Bayaz sends Logen Ninefingers to track her down. He finds her, surrounded by three Practicals, sent by Superior Goyle to learn more about Bayaz. Logen leaps to her defence. As more men appear, the pair flees across the Agriont’s rooftops. However, eventually they find themselves trapped. Logen takes a beating, but the Bloody-Nine takes hold and lays waste to the attackers.

Logen is left shattered, bleeding and weak. Ferro helps him back to Bayaz. The Practicals track them there and insist on arresting Ferro before Bayaz turns one of them into pink mist. The Magi tells them they’re leaving. Now.

Before They are HangedEdit

Ferro sets out across the Old Empire with Bayaz, Jezal, Logen, Quai and Longfoot in search of the Seed, which Bayaz believes his hidden at the other side of the broken mountains on an island called Shabulyan. One night, Ferro attempts to flee but is persuaded to stay by Logen.

Bayaz leads them into the ruined city of Aulcus, where they are attacked by hoards of Shanka. Logen and Ferro become stranded from the others under the ruins. Ferro witnesses Logen kill a group of Shanka in one of his Bloody-Nine transformations. The two of them become close and, after escaping from the ruins, decide to make love. Ferro regrets the decision.

Ferro and Logen become reunited with the others and they continue on their quest, which takes them across the broken mountains. They reach the island of Shabulyan and Bayaz believes he has found the seed. However, it turns out to be just a rock. Having failed in their quest, they set off back to Adua.

Last Argument of KingsEdit

Ferro's exposure to the Seed during Bayaz's battle with Tolomei at the House of the Maker allowed her body to heal her broken hand and a broken arm in minutes. After confronting the Hundred Words with Bayaz at the Battle of Adua , her prolonged exposure to the Seed apparently caused her to hear voices that may be the voices of the Tellers of Secrets . As a result, she may be losing her sanity. Also by the same token however, her strength, speed, and sight increase by epic proportions. Also, she gains the power to manipulate temperature to chilling degrees, so much that she can turn water under her feet into ice and walk onto it. Ferro also gains the ability to fall from miles high but land softly, and turn her skin to a bright white light. Her strength after the Seed's effects are shown in an engagement with an eater, during wich the eater tries to assainate Ferro. Ferro, however, was able to break off the eaters hand, and then crush it between her palms. She is last seen heading south back to Gurkhul, but what happens after that is an Unanswered Question.


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