Finnius is a senior soldier loyal to the self-proclaimed Emperor Cabrian, one of the three rivals locked in a deadly struggle to become the new Emperor.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Finnius is a big man with long hair. He has a casual almost friendly manner, who often laughs despite his dark work. His preferred weapons are a big square shield, and a short, thick sword.

History Edit

Before They Are Hanged Edit

Finnius and forty riders are sent to find the Magus Bayaz and his crew who are travelling through The Old Empire, and bring them to Darmium. They eventually set a trap for them in deep gorge, but Bayaz uses his Art send his men flying. Finnius gathers the thirteen surviving men, and continues his pursuit. They catch up with them at a hill with an old ruin on top. However, Logen and Ferro have the ground well prepared. Ferro picks off three with her bow, before her arrow run out and she forced to revert to her curved sword. Logen wastes even less time; using the stones for cover, he wades in among the enemy brandishing the Maker’s sword. Finnius eventually faces Ninefingers alone, but Logen manages to cut of his foot at the shin and then crush his chest with a rock.

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