Kill them all! But mind the pictures!

–General Ganmark, Best Served Cold

General Ganmark is a disgraced Union commander, who has been taken into the service of more open-minded Grand Duke Orso of Talins. He is also one of the finest swordsmen in the Circle of the World.

Appearance and Personality Edit

General Ganmark has a strangely soft face, with limp moustaches, and pale grey eyes that are always watery. His features lend him a look of perpetual melancholy. He speaks in a clipped Union accent, and always wears highly polished cavalry boots.

Ganmark is a highly skilled, disciplined and cold-blooded general, and a world-class swordsman, fighting in the Union-style with a long and short steel. A lover of arts, and a great admirer of the legendary military strategist Stolicus. He is openly homosexual, and has not the slightest sense of humour.

History Edit

General Ganmark was a member of the Union Army, but was expelled for a sexual indiscretion with another officer. He fled to Styria where he became the leader of Grand Duke Orso's army, along with General Monza Murcatto. In his study, Ganmark keep his art collection, with pieces collected from each city he sacks.

Best Served Cold Edit

When Duke Orso orders Monza and her brother Benna killed, after Prince Ario stabs Benna, it is General Ganmark who runs Benna through in the heart, and hurls him from the balcony. Nonetheless, Monza manages to survive, thanks to landing on Benna's corpse and the help of a mysterious healer. Monza swears revenge on the seven men responsible for her brother's death.

After Monza kills Prince Ario, Ganmark brings the feared assassin Shenkt before Grand Duke Orso, one of many assassins hired to kill Monza.

When the season begins, General Ganmark puts Visserine under siege, not only to capture the city for Duke Orso, but also to rifle Grand Duke Salier’s famed art collection. After weeks of siege, Ganmerk's forces breach the city and eventually the palace. However, unbeknownst to Ganmark, Monza has persuaded Duke Salier to help her kill him, as a last act of defiance. When Ganmark's soldiers burst into the art gallery, they are surprised to see what seems to be fellow soldiers having captures Duke Salier; Monza and her crew dress in Talinese uniforms. As soon as Ganmark himself arrives, Day drops the portcullis sealing them inside, and chaos ensues.

Ganmark faces off against Monza, around the massive statue of Bonatine’s Warrior. Despite Monza’s determination and ferocity, she’s greatly outmatched against the far superior fighter. All the while, Ganmark taunts her mecilessly. Ganmark manages to whip Monza's blade from her hand, but before he can strike the killing blow, Cosca joins the fray. Drawing his short-sword Glamark fights the pair, and still proves the master, stabbing Cosca through the gut, and disarming Monza. Readying himself for the killer blow again, Bonatine’s Warrior collapses on top of him; killed by a priceless statue of Stolicus he intended to steal from Duke Salier.

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