Before, the future had always looked like the past. Now he knew the past was a better place, and the future full of fear and death.

–Locway, a member of Sangeed's tribe, Red Country

The Ghosts, or the Folk as they know themselves, are a tribal society in the Far Country. They are reminiscent of Native American Indians, though pale skinned, reddish haired and use blue-warpaint similar to the Celts; they cut off ears instead of scalps.

Background and Culture Edit

Time was there was nothing in the Far Country, but wild spaces and beasts and Ghosts. The Ghosts ruled the plains, and they and their herds were strong and numerous.

About forty or fifty years ago, a few trappers and adventurer, like Dab Sweet, started ranging across their plains. Over the years, more and more newcomers came to the Far Country, stealing their herds and the good grazing ground, and hunted the wild beasts to nothing.

Now, the Ghosts are scattered, with many taken to drink and most wretched things with skin hungry-tight over their bones. The young men must range far to find hunting grounds, their women weave for a pittance, and the rest steal money so they could buy from their destroyers the things that should have been theirs already. The black spots had come in the winter, and carried away half the children; they burned their dwellings, drew sacred circles and said the proper words but it made no difference.

The Ghosts are determined not to fade without a fight; war-bands are stirred up all across the Far Country, massacring whole fellowship of trespasses upon their lands, and taking ears.

Recent Events Edit

Red Country Edit

Sangeed is the chief of a tribe of Ghosts, with a fearsome reputation, but now old and long past his best. Dab Sweet makes a deal with Sangeed’s tribe to sell out Abram Majud’s Fellowship. The Ghost war-band raid turns violent, and Sangeed is killed while trying to negotiate a truce in return for gold.

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