Gobba is Grand Duke Orso’s personal bodyguard, and the first target on Monza Murcatto’s list.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Gobba is a great hulking man, with thick arms and a fat neck. He’s quite a repellent character, with a fondness for rape and whores.

History Edit

Best Served Cold Edit

When Duke Orso orders Monza and Benna killed, it is Gobba who tries to garrote Monza with a wire. However, she catches her hand under the wire before it can kill her. With Monza barely consious, Gobba contemplates raping her, but Orso insists they throw her off the balcony.

Nonetheless, Murcatto manages to survive, thanks to landing on Benna's corpse and the help of a mysterious healer. Bent on revenge, Monza tracks down Gobba with Caul Shivers and Friendly. They kill his two companions and drag him to a shed, where they lock him to an anvil. Despite Gobba begging for his life for the sake of his children, Monza sets to work on him with a hammer, crushing his hands and legs. In her exertion, Monza loses balance and lands on top of Gobba. Her embarrassment stokes her rage again, and she bashes his chest, and finally his head. In the end, Shivers and Friendly chop up Gobba's corpse and dump it in the sewer.

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