Goodman Heath is a farmer from Midderland. He went to Adua in the hopes of saving his family from ruin after being evicted by their landlord, presumably unjustly.[1]


Goodman Heath is visibly very poor, in battered clothes, and suffering from hunger. He is described to have an honest face.[1]

In The Blade ItselfEdit

After fruitlessly presenting his grievance to the Commission for Land and Agriculture, he desperately seeks an audience with the High King of the Union, which is presided over by Lord Chamberlain Fortis dan Hoff. Goodman Heath nervously tries to explain his issue, only to be rudely shooed away by Hoff, who says the King has no time for such trifles, which Major West, on duty guarding the audience chamber that day, thinks is "a disgrace".[1]

At the end of the day, when Major West exits the chamber, he finds Goodman Heath nearby, "sitting alone on a long bench, face deathly pale", at a complete loss. West offers to help, then gives the peasant his purse, and leaves, ignoring Heath's protests.[1]


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