Grega Cantliss is a vicious bandit and child kidnapper in the employ of Papa Ring in Crease in the Far Country.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Cantliss is a tall man with close-cropped fair hair, and sharp clothes. He is a vicious man, known as one of the blackest bastards in the Far Country.

History Edit

Red Country Edit

Grega Cantliss owes Papa Ring a lot of money, who threatens to kill him if he doesn’t get it by winter. So Cantliss leads a group of bandits from Crease to the Near Country, to kidnap children to sell to the Dragon People. When, Shy South take her farm’s crop to market in Squaredeal, accompanied by her surrogate-father Lamb, they attack the farm. They burned it out, hang the old farm-hand Gully, and kidnap Ro and Pit South. Ro warns Cantliss that their sister Shy will come for them.

As the bandits move west, Cantliss gathers more and more children. Eventually, there are twenty-one children, none older than ten. At one point, a boy named Care runs away, but Cantliss sends one of the bandits to chase him down and kill him; no one tried to run after that. Another time, one of the men shakes Ro wakeful at night, and started talking about how she reminded him of someone, but Pit hits him, and Cantliss drags the man away and killed him.

They travel by land and boat until they reach a region of hills with geothermal activity called Ashranc; Ashranc is the home of the Dragon People, a settlement carved into the mountainside. A man named Waerdinur pays Cantliss for the children in ancient gold. During the exchange, Waerdinur objects to one of Cantliss’ men, and with lightning speed strikes him in the chest with his staff, killing him.

In Crease, The Mayor agrees to give Cantliss to Lamb and Shy, if Lamb fights to the death in the ring with Papa Ring's champion, Glama Golden. Shy continue to ask around about the children and Cantliss. Cantliss hears about this, and when he returns to Crease, he breaks into her room, while she’s in bed with Temple, and takes her hostage; Temple jumps out the window. As the fight begins, Savian rescues Shy and captures Cantliss, while Lamb brutally kills Golden.

As Shy and Lamb prepare to go into the mountains after Ro and Pit, taking Cantliss with them, Nicomo Cosca comes into town with his mercenaries, upsetting the balance of power. He also wants Cantliss, to guide him to the Dragon People, who Cosca believes have a fortune in gold. Eventually, Shy and Lamb rescue the children, while Cosca kill most of the people in Ashranc, razes the city, and steals the entire Dragon People’s treasury. When Cantliss demands that he is owed for leading them to Ashranc, Cosca pays him in full ... he loops a noose around his neck and hangs him from a beam.

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