Greylock is a Named-man from The North, who gets his name from his a mop of prematurely-grey curls. He has moved to Sipani in Styria looking for work.

Greylock is hired by Monza Murcatto as a entertainer and killer for a night of entertainments at Cardotti’s House of Leisure. Caul Shivers and Greylock are to play a recreation of the famous duel between Logen Ninefingers and Fenris the Feared. However, during the duel Greylock reveals that he is the brother of a boy killed when Uffrith was taken by The Dogman. He wants revenge and killing Shivers who was in Dogman's crew will be a start. Shivers attempts to pacify him turn to rage, as he comes on strong as well. Eventually Greylock tires against the younger man, and Shivers cracks him in the jaw with his shield rim, then sends a mighty swing of his sword through Greylock’s arm into his side, killing him.

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