Halleck is the former Surveyor General, who was eventually promoted to Lord Chancellor, thanks to Arch Lector Sult's scheming.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Halleck is a gaunt and balding old man with a sour-faced. He has conservative views, despises the merchant class, and seems quite an unpleasant man with few friends except for Sult.

Recent EventsEdit

The Blade ItselfEdit

After the death of Lord Chancellor Feekt, Sepp dan Teufel was supported by High Justice Marovia as the foremost candidate to replace him on the Closed Council. However, Arch Lector Sult conspired to convict Teufel of corruption, in order to promote his own preferred candidate, Halleck. The Surveyor General is sympathetic with Sult's hatred of the merchants, and is hated by everyone else on the Closed Council, except for Sult.

Last Argument of Kings Edit

Halleck retains his role as Lord Chancellor under the new King Jezal the First, and even after the downfall of Arch Lector Sult.

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