Curnden Craw: Makes you wonder why a man chooses to do what we do.
Hardbread: Too coward to do aught else, maybe.
Craw: You might be right.

Curnden Craw and Hardbread

Hardbread is a Named Man from way back, leading a dozen for the Dogman, allied with the Union in the war.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Hardbread is a big old lad, with a heavy tangle of grey beard. He has a solid reputation, likely to think things over, not kill then ask the questions. He and Curnden Craw are quite similar, and like each other despite finding themselves on opposite sides.

Recent Events Edit

The Heroes Edit

Hardbread and his dozen are holding the Heroes, when Curnden Craw wanders into his camp. The two old-hands talk about the irony of finding themselves on opposite sides of this fight. Hardbread agrees to let Craw have the hill without violence. However, Hardbread gathers more men and returns. Though he has twice the number, Craw’s “dozen” plus Caul Shivers kill most of them and drive off the rest. When the Jalenhorm and the Union eventually recapture the Heroes, Hardbread buries his dead including his nephew.

Hardbread and Craw meet again on the second day of the battle, when Finree dan Brock and a number of Union prisoners are freed with a peace proposal.

After the battle, in retirement, Craw builds his house, but finds with all the wounds on his hands, he’s not much of a carpenter. He’d started to think they wanted him in the valley more for his sword than his saw. Hardbread visits, and asks Craw to join the war between King Scale Ironhand of the Northmen, and Glama Golden.  After initially refusing, he joins them.

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