They’re all scum, these browns. Gurkish, Dagoskan, all the same. Killers and thieves, the lot of them. Best thing to do is push them down and keep them down.

–Inquisitor Harker, Before They Are Hanged

Inquisitor Harker is the senior Inquisitor in Dagoska of four Inquisitors under Superior Davoust.

Personality and appearance Edit

Harker is a tall, bony man with bulging eyes, a hooked nose red and peeling from sunburn. He has some incredibly distasteful racial views.

Recent Events Edit

Before They Are Hanged Edit

When Superior Davoust disappears in his room, presumed dead, Inquisitor Harker takes all three of Davoust's servants into custody and beats most of them to death in his investigation into the Superior's death.

Some time later, Harker meets the new Superior Sand dan Glokta at the dock, somewhat bitter at not getting the job himself. He leads Glokta through Dagoska to seat of government. Walking through the city, Glokta is struck by the abject poverty of the black-skinned native people, and the absurd wealth of the white ruling elite. Harker provides a running commentary filled with ignorant bigotry as they walk; the Dagoskans are better off under the Union, but cannot be trusted and must be kept under the Union’s heel.

Before meeting with the city’s ruling council, Glokta assesses the state of the investigation into the death of his predecessor. Harker has beaten Davoust’s brown-skinned servants to death, and there’s little to gain from interviewing the only one left alive, Shickel. Glokta takes her into his own service, and dismisses Harker for his incompetence.

Inquisitor Harker is sent back to the Closed Council in Adua, along with Lord Governor Vurms - neither man has proven to be a traitor, but both are incompetent. Ironically, it turns out the Harker was right, Shickel did murder Davoust.

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