Yes, that is to say, no, that is to say, quite so, my Lord.

–Morrow, unsure of which cheek to kiss

Harlen Morrow is the fawning deputy of Lord Chamberlain Hoff. He assists him in presiding over Audiences and the Open Council.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Morrow is a small, harassed-looking man with spectacles. He's the very definition of a sycophant, flattering Hoff to a servile degree in the hope of gaining some advancement. In return, the Lord Chamberlain bullies him incessantly.[1] His fawning works to a degree, and he becomes more assertive as the deputy to the High Justice; it doesn't end well.


The Blade ItselfEdit

As deputy to Lord Chamberlain Hoff, Morrow is present in Audiences when Yoru Sulfur announces the intended return of Bayaz to The Union. When Bayaz arrives in Adua, Morrow meets him at the gates of the Agriont with his companions Logen and Quai. On Hoff's behalf, he escorted them to the Closed Council.[2]

Last Argument of KingsEdit

In the interim, Morrow has been promoted to High Justice Marovia's deputy. With both heirs to the throne dead, the next High King of the Union must be be elected in Open Council. Morrow is charged with bribing and threatening the High Justices' way to victory in the upcoming elections.[3][4]

It quickly becomes apparent that Sand dan Glokta is doing exactly the same on behalf of the Arch Lector; the Inquisitor sometimes arriving before him, sometimes after. Morrow lures Glokta to a slaughterhouse near the Four Corners, under the pretense of coming to a mutually beneficial arrangement, but intending to kill the him. Unfortunately, Morrow has sorely underestimated the Inquisitor. Glokta's Practicals promptly kills the thugs hired by Morrow and Morrow himself. His body is disposed of by feeding it to the pigs.[5]


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