Harod dan Brock, or Hal, is an honest and hard-working Colonel on Lord Governor Meed’s staff, the son of the disgraced Lord Brock, who was stripped of all his lands and titles following his treason at the end of Last Argument of Kings.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Hal is young, handsome, brave, and loyal to a fault, but innocent and even his wife thinks he’s ever so slightly stupid. He is dominated somewhat by his cunning and venomously ambitious wife, Finree dan Brock. He is well-liked, in spite of his father's disgrace, and works hard, knowing that he has to work twice as hard as anyone else because of his father.

History Edit

He married Finree dan Brock, the daughter of Lord Marshal Kroy. The two are very much in love, despite the fact that they are very different; he is a naive optimist and she a devious cynic.

The Heroes Edit

Hal is on Lord Governor Meed’s staff, charged with capturing the town of Osrung. He is often frustrates at his wife’s bating of Meed; though Meed is somewhat incompetent, Hal just wants to make the best of it. Behind his back Finree plots to advance his position with her father, and later with Bayaz.

After Finree is taken captive by the Northmen, and eventually released with a peace proposal, the two have an emotional reunion.

On the third day of the battle, Hal is put in charge of the assault on Osrung. It ends in slaughter when the Gurkish agent Ishri uses gunpowder on the Union forces. Finree rushes to Osrung, fearing for Hal, and eventually finds him in the rubble; hurt but alive.

In the end, Finree tells him that he has been named the new Lord Governor of Angland, through her medalling.

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