Honrig Curnsbick is the partner of Abram Majud, and the inventor of the patent portable forge, who is reputed to have a heart of iron in business.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Curnsbick is broad, with heavy hands scarred across the backs by hard work, and explosive orange sideburns. He wears thick eyeglasses, and a tailored suit. Despite the reputation Majud has built for him, Curnsbick proves to be a ruthlessly pleasant, generous man, with an immense smile.

History Edit

Curnsbick is from Keln, and the inventor of the patent portable forge. He has since made a partnership with a Gurkish man named Abram Majud. They intend to found a metalwork business in the Far Country, and hopefully staking iron and copper mining claims in the mountains.

Red Country Edit

Majud goes ahead to Crease, in the Far Country, to setup the business. Along the way, he blames his meanness on his partner Curnsbick’s heart of iron in business.

Curnsbick eventually meets up with his partner in Crease, just as Temple’s construction of the residence and workshop nears completion. Temple is shocked when Curnsbick gives him a bonus, and describes Majud as the one having a heart of iron where business is concerned.

In the end, Majud and Curnsbrick construct an ever growing manufactory in the town, to refine the coal that's been found in the mountains around Crease. They own almost half of the town, and Majud travels to Adua to cement a deal with the Union.