Lord Ingelstad is a Union nobleman whose wealth and influence is in decline.


Ingelstad is a big man with a reddish complexion.[1]

Recent EventsEdit

Last Argument of KingsEdit

With both heirs to the throne deceased, Lord Inglestad is pressured from all sides to cast his vote for the new High King to one candidate or another. He gets a visit from Superior Glokta on behalf of Arch Lector Sult, who announces he wants his vote. Ingelstad tries to insist that he is unimpeachable and will support the best candidate, but Glokta threatens to expose the man as complicit with the traitorous Guild of Mercers. Unfortunately for the Arch Lector, High Justice Marovia has already threatened Ingelstad with the same fate. Undeterred, Glokta continues by saying that not only he, but his daughters will be taken to prison. Ingelstad wilts, and seemingly agrees.

In Open Council for the vote, Bayaz interupts the polling to reveal the supposed existence of an illegitimate son of King Guslav, none other than Colonel Jezal dan Luthar. Isher is the second Lord to throw his full support behind the young pretender. Apparently, Bayaz made him a better offer.

Red CountryEdit

In the thirteen years between the books, Lord Ingelstad has continued to suffer misfortunes. He has left The Union, presumably fleeing his debts, to travel to Crease in Far Country to start a new life. He and his peevish wife join Abram Majud’s Fellowship. To Shy South his misfortunes smelled like dice and debts. His prize possession is his collection of brandy; aged for two hundred years in the family cellars in faraway Keln which were now, alas, the property of a creditor.

In Crease, Ingelstad returns to his old habits, losing money to the town’s gamblers. In the end, Ingelstad returns to Near Country with Dab Sweet’s new Fellowship. His wife stays in Crease having bought a hostelry.


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