My greatest performance is yet ahead of me, that much I know.

–Iosiv Lestek to ... well anyone who'll listen, Red Country

Iosiv Lestek is one of Adua's most famous actors.


Lestek is old but tall and slender. He has a booming voice.

Recent EventsEdit

The Blade Itself Edit

Lestek played the role of the great Bayaz in a performance organized by the Arch Lector Sult in honour of the winner of the Contest, and the return of the First of the Magi.

The play was an adaptation of a famous story : Juvens' murder by Kanedias, and the ensuing struggle between the Maker and the Order of the Magi, culminating in Kanedias' defeat by Bayaz. This version, however, contained much more detail than the original, including Tolomei's death and the key to the House of the Maker Bayaz took from Kanedias.

The show greatly angered the First of the Magi.

Red Country Edit

In the intervening years, Iosiv Lestek has aged. First his knees failed him, then his guts, then his bladder, and then the audiences. He claims that he was forced to abandon a role at Adua’s House of Drama due to illness, but really his manager suggested they part ways.

Lestek is travelling with Abram Majud’s Fellowship to Crease, in the hope of bringing theatre to the Far Country. He has been promised the leading part in a cultural extravaganza in Crease by a hostel owner named Camling. He travels in the biggest wagon in the Fellowship, with The Famous Iosiv Lestek written along the side; though eventually, they are forced to abandon it in a storm.

In Crease, the cultural extravaganza is a debacle. His performance was abject and the crowd pelted him from the stage with dung, to be replaced by a trio of topless girls … to rapturous applause. He is kicked out of his hostel and takes to drink, but Temple takes pity on him and gives him a place to sleep.

After rescuing the children and destroying the home of the Dragon People, Nicomo Cosca tracks Shy and Temple to Crease, looking for the gold they stole from him. However, The Mayor signs a treaty with the Old Empire, and Inquisitor Lorsen, not wanting to start a war between the Union and the Old Empire, has Cosca is arrested. The treaty is later revealed to be a sham, and Imperial Legate Sarmis was really none other than Iosiv Lestek.