Shev: How many people had to die to give that boy a golden hat?
Vitari: Exactly the necessary number.

Shevediah and Shylo Vitari

Jappo mon Rogont Murcatto is the son of Grand Duchess Monza of Talins. He was born some months after the end of Best Served Cold, the son of Grand Duke Rogont who was briefly King of all Styria before his death; at least officially. Caul Shivers could as easily be his real father.

In the intervening ten years, Monza has cowed or crushed every other city-state in Styria. When King Jezal of The Union grew concerned at her growing power in Styria, Monza defeated the Union Army three times in the field. Monza is now all-powerful in Styria, and crowns Jappo the King of Styria before a jubilant crowd.